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K2-R&D - KiddoKenshin Personal Research and Development
SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION! (This is STILL a static HTML PAGE, site release are delayed.)
K2-R&D Blog (About B-ADV project developing and some tech notes)

Work in progress :
- B-ADV Project(Temp) Demo Site(Deprecated)
Reason on Deprecation: An Browser Type ADV was released by AliceSoft on Dec 2012. The site was closed on January though... Well, it basically turned me up to redo/revise my B-ADV

- reB-ADV(Revised B-ADV, or Maybe B-ADV2nd)
This is the one I'm currently working on. Lots of features was added/removed. HTML5Audio Data API removed and replaced by Web Audio API, etc.

What is B-ADV Project(Temp) ?
Long story short.
It's a browser based ADV game engine(or maybe template) using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with jQuery library.
(PHP and MySQL might be needed for some future features that requires server side programs)
It's a temporary name based on Browser ADV :D (Name not decided yet)
Ah, I forget to mention. I'm not supporting IE neither Opera.
(When the time comes, vendor prefix-less CSS will be used. If IE or Opera supports it, maybe it might run. Well, I don't guarantee.)
Will be releasing it under MIT license or GPL license, or maybe MIT + GPL dual license...
The demo site will be updating by time to time if I able to code something interesting.
(The current codes are STILL not friendly to the ones who new to jQuery. Will add features if requested)

My Vision/Roadmap on 2013
- Release a simple, playable demo using reB-ADV.(Priority Highest)
- Release reB-ADV to public before any similiar one released.(Priority High)
- Redesign/reboot my "Chrono Tales" that was frozen on K2-MKG "era", lol.(Need to rename since there is a MMORPG with the same name, Priority Normal)
- Release a Web Novel-like "Chrono Tales" bit by bit...(Priority Low)
- Revamp my site, seriously...(Priority Low)
- Be Illustrator, again. Maybe... (Priority ???)
- Able to do DTM... (Priority ???)

About Me
KiddoKenshin. An ex-illustrator. A wanna-be DTM-er. Just an another on-going amature software engineer.
I also do some voice-overs too (mostly on my research :P)
Yeah, I'm a freaking what you guys called 'OTAKU'.

About K2-R&D
KiddoKenshin Personal Research and Development, or K2-R&D in short.
A place where I reveal my personal R&D stuff. (in other words, my playground!)
Will develop wanted (and also unwanted) stuffs. And of course, will be open source.